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"Anubhava" is my thesis film for my M.A. in Asian American Studies from UC Irvine in 2019. This film, accompanied by my 38-page written thesis, explores the relationships between diaspora and homeland, past and present, and colonialism and gender through the Indian classical dance form Bharatanatyam.

"Serendipitous" is a short documentary I created on my grandmother in 2015 to preserve her life stories. This was the first film I created and I was 17 years-old. I interwove problematic footage from British Pathé in this film to juxtapose my grandmother's more dynamic perspectives of life in Ceylon.

Growing up in Orange County, California, dancer and singer Visalini Sundaram explores her role as a student and teacher of Bharatha Natyam under the mentorship of her Guru Ramya Harishankar. Produced for the Alliance for California Traditional Arts' Apprenticeship Grant.


I presented at the South Asian Studies Association’s 14th annual international conference, "South Asia: Interpreting its Past, Imagining its Future.” My panel, "Art Form, Gender, and the Literary Imagination," was on February 7, 2021 at 8am PST and was moderated by Dr. Purnima Bhatt.

White Rose Conference Screenshot.png

I presented at the University of Leeds' White Rose South Asia Conference, "Space, Place, and Temporalities.” My panel, "Representation & Identity," was on April 30, 2021 at 4:45am PST and was moderated by Nabeela Ahmed. (video pending)


Enjoy this collection of some creative video projects, which I both filmed and edited, of dance collaborations, travel videos, weddings, tea promotions, etc. More short creative video clips can be found throughout my Instagram, @gooneendoo

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