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I have always been interested in incorporating the aesthetics of traditional Sri Lankan art into daily lifestyle through non-appropriative means. By reintroducing ancient Sri Lankan art into the realm of modern fashion, I hope to revive the appreciation of my culture through ethical apparel and accessories originally designed by yours truly. "Sekera," the suffix of my last name meaning "crest" or "crown" in Sanskrit, also manifests my intent in establishing this brand. The logo, which features my drawing of the iconic Apsara fresco at the Sigiriya Rock Fortress, represents my fascination with the timelessness of ancient interpretations of beauty. All profits will be donated to archaeological preservation in Sri Lanka.

S E K E R A coming soon! Instagram: @sekera_ga

Sekera Website.png

Below are a few concept designs for Sekera clutch purses:

Front with Logo.png
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