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project ISLAND

Insta Announcement Project ISLAND (1).pn

Project I.S.L.A.N.D. (Introducing Sri Lankan American Narratives in the Diaspora) is a forthcoming interactive digital archive and oral history collective of narratives from and by Sri Lankan-American immigrants that seeks to record the experiences of navigating cultural belonging while living in the diaspora.

While our website ( is in development, please follow us on Instagram: @projectisland.archive

Participation Requirements:

  • Sri Lankan origin

  • Any age

  • Any language

  • Any ethnic identity, religious affiliation, gender identity, sexuality, immigration status-documented/undocumented, born in/outside of SL, and socioeconomic background)

Diaspora: A community of individuals from a particular national origin who live outside of their homeland due to their ancestral or own migrations.

Oral History: The audio or video-recorded narrative of an individual that may contribute to an overall history and archive of the communities they represent.

Community Archive: A collected record of narratives and artifacts from historically underrepresented communities, which assert their existence and resilience in a particular society.

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